Jan Stables will be out of the office the afternoon of October 6th and will return on October 10th.   
Charlotte Davis is now available Monday through Wednesday for appointments.   Please contact office for hours and scheduling.
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ANP Family Care is accepting new patients. 
Please contact office for information. 

Family health care in Fairbanks

ANP Family Care has been taking care of families in Fairbanks since 2003. Our primary health care practice is passionate about providing holistic healthcare and we are dedicated to patients and their families throughout their entire lifespan. We respect the individualistic needs of each patient in a variety of settings and are committed to meeting our familes’ unique and diverse needs. 

Medical services

ANP Family Care is a place for individuals and families that is easily accessible, affordable and promotes wellness. We welcome everyone to our practice, embracing the individualistic nature of each person that walks through our doors. Our clinic offers a wide variety of services to care for you and your whole family. We provide our patients with wellness physicals and exams, primary health care for people of any age, family medicine and childhood immunizations. You’ll see our commitment to our patients throughout the programs and services we offer. 

Servicing Fairbanks and beyond

The family providers at ANP Family Care offer a range of medical services including standard care for the whole family, as well as a variety of adult and pediatric health care services. Our medical clinic is located in Fairbanks, the interior region of Alaska. We have been providing healthcare services to this area since 2003. We also are available to North Pole, Delta Junction and surrounding areas. Our office is a leading clinic for families and people of all ages and we are dedicated to promoting wellness in the community. 

Connect with us

ANP Family Care is first and foremost a family primary medicine practice and offers a comprehensive suite of medical services. Our nurse practitioners care for families and patients of all ages. We are passionate about providing holistic healthcare to our patients and catering to you with respect to your diversity and unique needs as an individual. Come visit us in Fairbanks or call us today!
Healthcare services are of primary importance in Fairbanks, AK
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